Electrona's Pilotfish is a tough, portable, and easy-to-use remote submersible that brings groundbreaking work-class capabilities to the everyday ocean explorer. 

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Built tough in Boston 

We work on the water too, and we built Pilotfish to survive the harsh realities of real marine work. Whether you're braving rough seas on a search-and-rescue mission or collecting water samples from the local pond, you need a rugged, dependable machine to get the job done. We build and rigorously test all of our systems right here in Massachusetts to ensure quality and sustainability.


Plug-and-play expansion

Do more than explore! From grippers to samplers to sonar, the Pilotfish platform can interface with a wide range of payloads and tools for a truly interactive experience. A standardized power/data connector makes installation a breeze and our open source accessory interface means the possibilities are endless.



Cutting edge control 

Say goodbye to dim touchscreens and wet laptops! Electrona's dedicated, water-resistant control box is equipped with a 10.1" sunlight-visible display and intuitive tactile controls. Our purpose-built software provides elegant navigation graphics, advanced functions, and pilot-assist functions. These features, combined with the vehicle's inherent, stability make Pilotfish incredibly easy to operate, even for beginners.

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Power within reach

Don’t settle for less than professional. Our unique innovations mean that Electrona can offer work-class underwater capability at a price point you can afford. Our company exists to break down barriers that separate humanity from vital, invisible underwater environments. We strive to put powerful, accessible marine technology at your fingertips so you can work, study, and play in a whole new dimension.